Carson Smyly
Stories - Mar 31, 2022

Carson Smyly

Carson Smyly

Hollandale, MS
“Southern AgCredit was one of the key factors allowing me to achieve my dream of becoming a farmer.”
—Carson Smyly

Carson Smyly is a fifth generation row crop farmer from the Mississippi Delta. He farms on acreage in Washington, Sunflower and Humphreys counties in Mississippi. Carson grows primarily soybeans, although he’s also raised other grain and cotton in previous years.

While Carson is only 28 years old, he has tremendous farming experience since he’s worked on a farm most of his life. His father, Doug Smyly, is also a full-time farmer and owns Smyly Planting Company in Hollandale. Carson has worked alongside his father for many years and attributes much of his farming knowledge to him. Doug and his wife, Nichole, became Southern AgCredit stockholders in 2004. They primarily farm soybeans and corn.

Carson signed on his first production loan with Southern AgCredit in 2015 and has had successful years since then. “Southern AgCredit was one of the key factors allowing me to achieve my dream of becoming a farmer,” said Carson.

Carson is married to the former Anna Coker of Stuttgart, Arkansas. Anna is a graduate research assistant at Mississippi State University and is studying to receive her Ph.D. in agronomy. Together, she and Carson have two young children, Sutton and John Douglas.

“I guess you could say that farming is most definitely not just an occupation to our family,” Carson says. “It is a way of life, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

The Smyly family is a close-knit one. Being able to farm together is something that they truly enjoy. “Family is a big deal to us, and having the opportunity to work alongside my family day in and day out is an opportunity that cannot be topped,” Carson says.

The future is bright for the Smyly family and their farming operation. Their goals are to continue to grow in all aspects and ensure that farming is an option for their children to pursue should they desire to farm when they are grown.

“I couldn’t be more thankful to have had the pleasure of dealing with the hard-working, friendly and knowledgeable staff at Southern AgCredit — specifically our loan officer, Colton Thomas, who is also a friend,” Carson says.

 “Carson and I have known each other for most of our lives,” says Colton, a Southern AgCredit loan officer in Greenville. “We attended grade school together, and we both attended Mississippi State at the same time. I am fortunate to get to call Carson a friend of mine with whom I enjoy sharing a duck blind or making a farm visit.”

Colton, who also comes from a Delta farming family, knows the Smyly family’s work ethic because he’s seen it firsthand. Their families have been farming next to each other for many years.

“The Smylys take great pride in their operation. I look forward to working with them for many years to come,” says Colton.