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Young, Beginning & Small Farmers and Ranchers

Loan Program for YBS Farmers and Ranchers in Louisiana and Mississippi

At Southern AgCredit, we understand that the future of American agriculture and rural areas depends on a new generation of farmers and ranchers. We are committed to meeting the needs of Young, Beginning and Small (YBS) farmers through our lending programs, educational sponsorships, and scholarships.

What is a Young, Beginning or Small Farmer or Rancher?

  • Young: Age 35 or younger
  • Beginning: 10 years or less experience
  • Small: Less than $250,000 of gross annual agricultural income

Lending Programs

Our years of experience in rural lending provide the expertise needed to finance many people who fit into the YBS group. By using flexible loan terms and working closely with other organizations and governmental agencies, we can tailor loans to fit the unique situations of YBS borrowers.

We make loans of all sizes to fund everything from hobby farms to large operations depending on your borrowing needs.

Our commitment to serving the needs of YBS farmers/ranchers is reflected in Southern AgCredit’s 2023 YBS performance report. Of all loans closed in 2023:

  • 25.65% were to Young farmers/ranchers
  • 62.72% were to Beginning farmers/ranchers
  • 74.34% were to Small farmers/ranchers

Educational Sponsorships

Southern AgCredit has helped to select YBS members to attend the Farm Credit Young Leaders Program educational conference in Washington, DC and New York City.

Southern AgCredit also supports institutions that serve YBS farmers through sponsorships like the Dixie National Rodeo.

Scholarship Programs

Southern AgCredit annually awards scholarships to students achieving academic success in an agriculture or business course of study. Find out the details of our scholarship program. In addition, we actively support other programs, events, and educational activities that benefit YBS farmers.

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