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Agribusiness & Capital Markets


At Southern AgCredit, we understand the capital intensive nature of agri-business operations and rural infrastructure. From highly improved forestry product processing facilities to grain storage businesses, our team of experts will work with your company to develop customized lines of credit, term, and cash management solutions tailored towards your business cash flow needs. Loans can be structured on a revolving, seasonal or term basis, and repayment can be structured to work with your cash flow.

No financing project is too large or too small for Southern AgCredit. Our financing partners include commercial banks, insurance companies and other Farm Credit System lenders. These alliances with other lenders enable us to provide financial solutions for even our largest customers.

Expertise in Agribusiness

Our team offers expertise in the food, energy, telecommunications, agribusiness and commercial banking arenas and are experts in originating and servicing complex agribusiness and rural utility loans, and analyzing commercial credit opportunities.

Services Include

  • 24/7 Online Banking
  • Sweep accounts
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Hedge account loans
  • Flexible capital debt schedules
  • Financing for facility improvements, expansions, and new start-up capital

Loan Types

  • Warehouse operations
  • Grain storage
  • Cotton gins
  • Agricultural products
  • Agricultural supplies
  • Equipment purchases
  • Real Estate purchases

Capital Markets

Often a loan may be too large or complex for a single financial institution to handle on its own, and that’s where Southern AgCredit’s capital markets team comes in.

By leveraging our collective capital base, we achieve the size and scale necessary to serve the needs of the capital intensive food, fiber and rural infrastructure sectors. Due to the size and complexity of these customers’ financing needs, most of our relationships are structured as syndications or participation arrangements with and through other financial institutions. We have established relationships with commercial banks, insurance companies, Farm Credit System banks and associations as well as other lenders across the country to serve our customers’ needs.

Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships utilizing solid underwriting and relationship skills, providing our customers and partners top notch industry knowledge while utilizing fast and efficient processing practices and intelligent ongoing analysis and monitoring.

Industry Expertise

Southern AgCredit’s Capital Markets team has financing commitments all across the food chain, from basic production entities to businesses such as value-added processors, distributors or retailers. We have a strong capital base that can accommodate the needs of the smaller producer all the way up to large capitalization corporate clients. We maintain core competencies in several industries, primarily:

  • Grain warehousing and farm supply
  • Protein sector, including poultry, beef and dairy
  • Wholesale and retail food distribution
  • Sawmill operations and woodland holding groups
  • Timber and forest products
  • Rural infrastructure such as rural power, telecom and other utilities

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