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Cash Management Services

Cash Management Solutions

Southern AgCredit understands how important your cash flow is to the success of your business. That’s why we offer convenient services to help you manage your financial transactions and make doing business with us even easier.

AgriLine Checking Accounts

Accessing your line of credit is as easy as writing a check. AgriLine is a checking account linked to your Southern AgCredit line of credit. It allows you to purchase goods or services by writing a check. The check is automatically deducted from your line of credit, increasing the balance.

AgSweep Sweep Accounts

A simple and safe method of increasing your company’s earnings, AgSweep allows you to minimize excess balances and maximize your return on available funds. Sweep accounts are beneficial for borrowers who have a high cash turnover and daily cash needs. With AgSweep, you can link your revolving line of credit (RLOC) loan to your Wells Fargo Bank checking account. Funds are automatically advanced from a line of credit when the commercial checking account falls below the target balance. When excess funds are available in the checking account, the funds are swept and applied to the outstanding balance of the line of credit.

FastCa$h Money Transfer Accounts

With just one phone call, you can make a loan payment or request money from your loan without leaving your home, office or tractor cab. The money will be automatically transferred to or from your bank checking or savings account. Call today and the money will be in your account tomorrow.

To establish your FastCa$h account, see your Southern AgCredit loan officer today or contact us online.

Ag Banking Online & Mobile Accounts

Ag Banking Online offers convenience and safety while managing your accounts through our secure website or with an app for your mobile devices. Through Ag Banking Online you can:

  • Transfer funds externally between your loan and your advance conditional payment accounts at Southern AgCredit to or from a designated commercial bank account.
  • Make loan payments online.
  • Transfer funds internally between loan accounts and advance conditional payment accounts at Southern AgCredit.

Sign in to your account Ag Banking Online account or enroll in a new account today.