Shoemake Family
Stories - Apr 08, 2021

Shoemake Family

Harry & Clarice Shoemake

Vancleave, MS

The Shoemake’s Journey to Life in the Country

The Shoemakes were tired of the big-city life and dreamed of living in the country. They decided to make their dream a reality and built a log home in the small community of Vancleave, Mississippi. 

Both Harry and Clarice were born and raised in the country but migrated to the city of Laurel. Then they moved to Biloxi area because of their business. Harry and his son, Sean, own Employee Benefit Specialists, PA. The company specializes in the design, communication and enrollment of voluntary benefits and group insurance. They started the company in 1967 and expanded in 2010 to include US Select Insurance, LLA, which writes P&C and Commercial Insurance. It’s still operating today. 

Finding the Right Tract

They began looking at land in rural areas that would be large enough for their whole family. The couple has four grandchildren, so it was very important to have lots of space. They found the perfect tract of land to build their log cabin on. Sean and his family built their home next door. Having their family as next-door neighbors is a blessing that they are thankful for. Their oldest son, Lee, and his family live in Atlanta, but Harry and Clarice are hopeful that they will relocate to Vancleave at retirement. 

The Shoemakes are excited about having the whole gang over to their new country home where they can ride four-wheelers, watch football, and enjoy being together as a family. On the farm, there’s always something to do. 

“The more things change, the more they stay the same,” commented Harry. “Life makes a circle. I started out on the farm, then moved to the city but as I got older, I wanted to get away from the city and back to the farm. We wanted to get back to nature, a simpler time and a slower pace.” The Shoemakes found that slower paced life in Vancleave. 

Financing Rural Country Homes with Southern AgCredit

Several years ago, a banker friend told Harry about Southern AgCredit as he wasn’t familiar with Farm Credit, where farm and agricultural lending are the primary focus. When they decided to buy their tract of land, Harry and Sean knew just the right place to call for financing. They met Alex Riser, Southern AgCredit’s Gulfport branch manager who gave them the best deal on land financing. 

“The Shoemakes are great folks,” Alex said. “I loved being able to work with them and help them with the financing of their beautiful country home.”

The Shoemakes have been Southern AgCredit members since 2017.

“Southern AgCredit was a perfect fit for us,” agreed Harry and Clarice. 

Finance Your Country Home with a Loan from Southern AgCredit

Southern AgCredit is proud to help families live their dream of owning a home outside the city limits. Read more about our loans for country homes and homesites or get in touch with us today.