Priest Family
Stories - Apr 08, 2021

Priest Family

Slade & Lori Priest

Centreville, MS

Slade Priest, also known as the “Hunting Land Man,” is a hunting land specialist and licensed real estate agent. He’s the host of several hunting television shows and podcasts. Slade was born and raised in Centreville, Mississippi where he continues to live today along with his family—wife Lori, son Bentley, daughter Asa, and a baby boy due in May. “If I could live anywhere in the country, I’d pick right here,” said Slade.  

When he’s not selling hunting land, Slade is deer hunting, turkey hunting or spending time with family. He grew up in a family who hunted, so hunting and family go hand in hand. It’s just part of who they are. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t spend every waking hour in the woods growing up,” explained Slade.     

Slade believes buying land is a good investment, but there’s just something special about recreational land. 

“Recreational land is emotional,” he said. If your son or daughter kills their first deer or turkey on that land, then those are the memories that we will hold on to and that is what makes recreational land so special.” To Slade, there’s much more to it than just a rate of return on his investment. There’s a level of fun and excitement that you can’t find just anywhere.   

“Southern AgCredit understands land and land financing. They make the process easy, fun, and they just get it.”
— Slade Priest

“My whole life I’ve wanted to have my own tract of land with my house on it, which would also be a place where my family could go hunting or ride four-wheelers or things like that,” said Slade. “The week we moved in, I saw a doe and an eight-point buck walk through my front yard. I knew at that point, I’d made it. This was exactly what I had been looking for.”     

Slade attributes his strong work ethic to his parents. He’s never been one to shy away from working hard to get what he wanted. Slade doesn’t believe in idle time—there’s always something for him to do, whether it be filling up a feeder, making a food plot, working on hunting land maps or trying to figure out how to buy or lease more land. Now he and Lori feel that they are called to teach their children how to work hard on their land, and hopefully they will carry on the tradition. “It’s building a legacy,” said Slade. 

Slade comes from a long line of Southern AgCredit borrowers. He grew up hearing his grandparents and parents talk about owning land and knew when it became his turn, he would also contact Southern AgCredit for his own financing needs.

“Southern AgCredit understands land and land financing. They make the process easy, fun, and they just get it,” said Slade. 

Southern AgCredit is proud to help members just like the Priest family own land in the country. Learn more about recreational land loans, or contact Southern AgCredit to get started.