Custom Feature Ideas for Your Country Home Build
Rural Life - Feb 11, 2021

Custom Feature Ideas for Your Country Home Build

Incorporate These Ideas While Planning Your Country Home

If you’re considering buying land in the country to build a home, you have the opportunity to add some wonderful custom features. Now’s the best time to think about these features, as adding them during the initial design and construction phases is far simpler than doing so after the fact. Find some inspiration below and take full advantage of your blank slate.

A Magnificent Mudroom

No matter what you do on your land, you don’t want any of it inside of your beautiful new home. Avoid tracking in dirt with a well-planned mudroom. With your mudroom, you’ll be able to put soiled clothes directly into the washing machine. Make it big and add extra custom cabinets to store all of your family’s coats, jackets and shoes.

A Dog Grooming Station

If you have a home in the country, your dog will probably spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. If you don’t want your brand new, beautiful custom house covered in whatever the dog dragged in, consider installing a special dog grooming station. Professional-grade, stainless steel dog baths can make life much easier. These types of dog baths are really easy to clean, last forever, and come with ramps, non-slip floor mats and flexible spray hoses. Special bonus: the tub can double as a utility sink. 

Elegant Access 

When you build a beautiful country home, the plan is to grow old in it. Sometimes, with aging comes mobility issues that may cause you to have trouble navigating stairs or accessing the shower. Consider these options for your home that you may thank yourself for later on: 

  • Single-level homes are ideal for people with mobility issues. Stairs can be extremely hard for people using assisted devices. If you need to build more than one level, consider building the master bedroom on the ground floor.
  • Build hallways and door frames wider than the standard build. Navigating narrow hallways and door frames with a wheelchair or walker can be cumbersome and wider doorways can make things easier for everyone. 
  • Install a shower that you walk in or roll into with a chair. Don’t forget sturdy grab bars or at least the room to install them later.

Wiring Smart and Smart Wiring

We have never heard anyone complain about a room having too many outlets. Why? Because we need to plug in many devices and power cords are short. 

For the outlets indoors, add convenient USB ports to charge phones, e-readers, printers, keyboards and more.

Another wiring option to consider: install ethernet internet cables throughout the home for devices like smart TVs and computers. If your home is large, wi-fi routers can be slow or even spotty. You’ll have a more consistent, solid connection with cables. Think of the connection as a landline versus a cell phone. 

Central Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re interested in a very convenient cleaning solution for your home, the best time to install a central vacuum system is while your home is under construction. This amenity is a permanent fixture of your home that will last indefinitely. The advantages to owning a central vacuum system are many and include low noise, increased suction and ease of use. 

If the added cost to build seems overwhelming, consider installing the wall or floor inlets and tubing while your home is being built and add the central motor and canister later on. 

Storage, Storage, Storage

One of the best parts of living in the country is your ability to spread out. Take advantage of all the space you’ll have by adding tons of storage:

  • Walk-in closets
  • Butler’s pantry 
  • Built-ins
  • Three-car garage
  • Linen closets
  • Detached shed

Start Building the Country Home of Your Dreams

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