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Making Dreams Come True
Stories - Feb 13, 2018

Making Dreams Come True

Randy Heirlmeier

Recreational Land Owner

What Owning Recreational Land Means to Randy Heirlmeier

At Southern AgCredit, we like to say we finance life outside the city limits. For some people, that means farming and equipment loans. But for others, it means having a refuge. A place to unplug and unwind.

“I introduced my children at a very young age to the outdoors. It started with hiking, boating, and it went on to hunting. It’s so quiet—you can hear all the birds. You can hear the deer walking by, owls hooting. It’s just relaxing.

A normal bank wants someone who is living on the property. A lot of pieces of property that we looked for did not have a resident on it, so that’s what made it more desirable to work with Southern Ag—that’s what they specialize in.

We bought this place and signed the contract. Before we even closed, someone offered me $60,000 to buy the contract out. I told my realtor that I bought this property for my family. He said at that point, he knew we would not accept any amount of money for the property. That’s what this property means to me.

I spent a lot of time looking for a place that my family would enjoy. Something that I could give to my kids that they will enjoy with my grandkids for generations. That’s what it’s all about.”

Build Your Legacy with Southern AgCredit

Whether you depend on it for your livelihood or use it to get away from the grind, there’s just something American about having a piece of land to call your own. Southern AgCredit understands that for many of its members, land means legacy, and we take pride in helping them build it. Learn more about our loans for Hunting & Recreational land or contact us today.