COVID-19 Update 1.14.21

Dear customer-owners,

Southern AgCredit is pleased to offer an extension of our borrower assistance program for COVID-19 relief options. These relief options will be available until June 30, 2021 or 60 days after termination of the COVID-19 national emergency, whichever is the later. We have the following options available to our borrowers who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic:

  • Payment deferrals
  • Short-term lines of credit
  • Loan restructures
  • Waived fees for late payments
  • Extending the terms of loan repayments
  • Easing loan documentation or credit-extension terms for new loans

Contact your loan officer to request relief

If your operations have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and you want to request relief, we encourage you to reach out to your loan officer.  Please keep in mind that all terms of your loan agreement remain unchanged until a formal request is received, required information is provided, an option is approved and processed to completion.

As a reminder, you can access your accounts and services online by using Ag Banking Online.  To enroll, visit

Download Southern AgCredit’s Ag Banking Mobile App

You can download our Mobile Banking App on Google Play or the App Store below.  We know how critical these online tools are as we help our customers maintain their businesses. 

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If you need assistance with these tools, have questions, or would like support from our team, please contact us by calling your local branch or by calling our customer service line at 800-499-5742.

We continue to keep our doors closed to the public in an effort to keep our customers as well as our staff as safe and healthy as possible. Our loan officers are available by appointment. Thank you for your business, your commitment to agriculture and your trust in Southern AgCredit.

Phillip D. Morgan
CEO Southern AgCredit