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Guide to Greenhouses for Southern Gardeners

The COVID-19 pandemic inadvertently created a new generation of gardeners. Gardening eases our boredom, soothes our nerves, and provides food during a time of inflation. While millions of people began to garden as a coping mechanism, many are now in …

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Growing Healthy Lawns: Turf Management in Louisiana and Mississippi

For homeowners whose landscaping is a point of pride, the lawn is often considered their crown jewel. Since beautiful turf doesn’t just happen by itself, we’ve assembled some information on grass maintenance in your area of Louisiana and Mississippi. We are fortunate to have turf experts near us with all the information we need to improve our lawns.

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How to Prepare Your Garden for Freezing Temperatures

The climate is predictably unpredictable in our part of the country. Each year we hope to avoid winter weather whiplash, but in January, one day it may be 70 degrees outside and then 23 degrees the next. The ice storm …

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