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Hobby Farming in Louisiana and Mississippi

Learn more about what a hobby farm is, what you can grow, and the regulations you may need to adhere to in Louisiana and Mississippi.

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Growing Healthy Lawns: Turf Management in Louisiana and Mississippi

For homeowners whose landscaping is a point of pride, the lawn is often considered their crown jewel. Since beautiful turf doesn’t just happen by itself, we’ve assembled some information on grass maintenance in your area of Louisiana and Mississippi. We are fortunate to have turf experts near us with all the information we need to improve our lawns.

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Ice Storm Prep for Rural Properties

If you live in a rural area of Louisiana or Mississippi, severe weather can be devastating. And even though we live in a relatively warm climate, we aren’t impervious to severe cold and ice storms. The North American winter storm …

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Custom Feature Ideas for Your Country Home Build

If you’re considering buying land in the country to build a home yourself, you have the opportunity to add some wonderful custom features. Now’s the best time to be thinking of these features, as adding them during the initial design and construction phases is far simpler than doing so after the fact.

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